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The Southwestern region of Utah has experienced enormous growth over the past several decades. Many of the social support systems, long a part of Utah tradition, have been stressed by growing issues of mental illness, substance abuse, child abuse, youth crime, and lack of housing. The collective impact has left families and communities struggling to find answers with limited fiscal and professional capacity.

The county commissions of Washington, Kane, Garfield, Beaver and Iron Counties have joined with the State of Utah to create Southwest Behavioral Health Center for the provision of comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services. Southwest Behavioral Health Center is proud to be a member of a strong human service delivery system which is helping our communities to address very difficult individual, family, and community problems. Our Center is committed to continuing the partnership with our communities to insure a healthy and drug free future for Southern Utah’s citizens.


Michael H. Deal, M.P.A.
Executive Director

The professional, experienced staff includes physicians, clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, specialized adult and youth day treatment staff, residential service staff, prevention and education specialists, as well as a complete clerical and business staff.

In accordance with provisions of Utah State law (UCA 17-43), the elected county commissioners from Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, and Washington counties have established a mental health/alcohol and drug authority board, comprised of county commissioners from each of these counties. This Authority Board governs the operation of Southwest Behavioral Health Center. The Center is a political subdivision of the State of Utah and is supported, in part, by County, State and Federal dollars.

All Center positions are announced and open through Utah State Workforce Services ( and Please review these sites for current openings.


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